Vic Spencer – Master Of Conversation / Woodlawn

blame it on Meka October 14, 2013

Before he drops The Rapping Bastard next month, Vic continues on with his Red Button Series with this double drop. Hit the jump to read the story behind them.

“Niggas tried to son me when I was 19, where the fuck you at?”

That is the question in the latest joint from Vic Spencer’s Red Button Series. If you follow Vic on twitter you already know where at least the first half of “Master of Conversation/Woodlawn” is going. Rewind to the year 2000, at the age of 19, Vic Spencer was a ward of the State. He had a mentor that was assigned to him that was willing to help Vic with his musical endeavors. His mentor introduced him to the producer of the Chicago underground group Masters of Conversation. Vic visited the house-built studio where the group was recording and had a session with the producer. The producer heard some of Vic’s raps but secretly wasn’t pleased. So instead of working with Vic to help him grow in his artistry, he just gave him a copy of their demo and sent him on his way. The producer didn’t work with Vic musically and Vic kept his mouth sealed when it came to talking to his mentor. The mentor and the producer disappeared, Vic never heard from either of them again.

13 years later, Vic found the demo he decided to listen to it and became quickly disappointed. In typical Vic Spencer fashion he found inspiration in a negative memory, while listening to the demo he stumbled upon a beat to loop. He zoomed to the Grindhouse to share the inspiration with Doc da Mindbenda. Dissing the group in 4 bahs, Vic relived that moment on the record. It is made clear in those couple minutes that Vic is “The Master of Conversation” and other cats really do just “Be talkin on music.”

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