Maxo Kream – Quiccstrikes (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake October 21, 2013
maxo kream quiccstrikes

After two miserable trips to Dodger Stadium watching my Braves take back-to-back L’s and do what they’re known to do and choke in the playoffs, I decided to stay in LA one more night before venturing back to Vegas earlier this month. Turned out it was a wise decision on the musical front as my boy introduced me to Houston’s Maxo Kream; showing off the videos for his singles “Whitney Houston” and “Lewinsky” and ultimately leading me to find his latest project Quiccstrikes. I gave a few listens since then and have been meaning to aim the spotlight in Maxo’s direction but kept forgetting. Now, thanks to his recent appearance on Raven Sorvino’s new single “In My Mind,” everything is clear. Take some time out and check out the H-Town native’s work below.

DOWNLOAD: Maxo Kream – Quicc Strikes (Mixtape)