Watch the Full, One Hour Raw and Uncut 2002 Interview w/ Kanye West

blame it on JES7 October 26, 2013

Whether you love em or hate em, you can’t front that you don’t walk away learning something after watching a Kanye interview / rant. In the above hour-long (previously unreleased) interview with MTV from 2002 (ya know, the days of throwback jerseys and tall tees), a more “humble” Yeezy touches on numerous topics including how he learned about sampling and meeting No I.D. who gave him production tips including the sped-up samples that Ye became well known for. Further in the interview, he mentions how he didn’t really feel he fit into the Roc-a-fella pocket because of the different subject matter he was known for, until Dame heard “Two Words”. Peace to TSS.

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