Dee-1 – I’ll Pay For It (prod. Mannie Fresh)

blame it on Meka November 5, 2013

It’s really not what you think it is from the former teacher. Just read on…

Dave Chappelle once said in a stand-up routine that if p*ssy was a stock, its value would plummet due to market saturation. Newly signed New Orleans rapper, Dee-1, has a novel idea of how to ‘decrease the supply and revitalize the demand’ about which he waxes poetic over a Soulja Slim-inspired, Mannie Fresh beat. As the storyline in “I’ll Pay For It” goes, Dee and a friend are newly minted billionaires and the aforementioned friend is all geared up to hit the strip club and make it rain to celebrate. His more evolved companion Dee though has an idea that will surely go over like a lead balloon amongst his southern rap compatriots; instead use their new-found wealth to shut the strip clubs down by paying each dancer what she’d make at the club in a year, hence empowering her to find another line of employment.

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