Killer Mike Confirms New Run the Jewels Album for 2014

blame it on Shake November 5, 2013
el-p killer mike

Fans of R.A.P. Music, it’s time to get excited as Run the Jewels (the duo of Killer Mike and El-P) are returning with a new album in early 2014.

On November 1st, El-P took to Twitter and left the following message: RTJ2 2014. A pretty straight-forward inclination that the two are planning a follow-up to this year’s EP of the Year contender. But just to make sure, mine and Meka’s old stomping grounds asked Mike about it and the Elegant Elephant had the following to say…

I can say that we’re going for the triple crown. I see we’re coming back next year. We’re gonna be recording December and January. Let’s everybody hope and pray that we make the illest, craziest possible Rap shit, that it’s dope as hell and that we enjoy another year of doing what we do for all the Run the Jewels fans.

Mike also spoke on the praise him and El have received for their latest efforts.

We worked very hard to impress you guys and we’re very glad that you were impressed. Like the year prior to this, in which El dropped Cancer 4 Cure and I dropped R.A.P. Music, we were working really hard on those albums to impress you, too, and we worked very hard to impress each other because we love Rap the way you do. So, I can tell you to look forward to us working our asses off to further push ourselves, push the boundaries and grow Run the Jewels for you to be impressed. That’s with whatever El and I do together. We’re always working to leave an impression on fans.

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