Jhené Aiko – Stay Ready (What a Life) f. Kendrick Lamar

blame it on JES7 November 11, 2013
jhene aiko sail out

A couple of days ago we were teased with the snippet, and now, to end a perfect Sunday night, we’re blessed with the full version. Take a listen to the Kendrick Lamar-assisted “Stay Ready (What A Lie)” below and order Jhené Aiko’s Sail Out EP on iTunes.

  • veesky
    • Right on. Just edited that info in.

  • TrueGem17

    “I’m on Instagram looking at your favorite singer
    debating on should I fuck her or jump on her single…”

  • hh_addict

    I might gonna catch some heat but, she sounds like Aaliyah

    • Tino

      not at all, i was actually thinking the same thing.

  • Prince Akeem

    easily the worst cd cover of 2013

    • Shawn Muth

      How? she is in a bikini.

      • datbul

        Nah. Look again bro. Prince Akeem’s got a point. Lol. The warships are the definition of ‘over doing it’ and I love Aiko but, truth is, her in a bikini does absolutely nothing for me.

        • Drizzy

          we cannot agree 100% on this thing lol yall got a point..but anyway.i’m just sayin.i respect jhene bcuz she’s so natural and a real girl you may know

      • Prince Akeem

        shit looks like its coming to a sega saturn near you

        horrible graphic art, horrible concept. just horrible all around

        • datbul

          LOL. Shit look like ‘Assasin’s Creed: Black Flag’ for the Iphone.

        • Drizzy

          lol fuck yall critics, you aint know shit about design and styles. lmao

          • datbul


    • Tino

      Worse than the tyga cover??? nah not even close bruh, that one takes the cake foe worse cd cover of 2013

      • datbul

        Yup. Just Googled it. This guy’s right too.


    • Drizzy

      you gay right? this cover is so hot..

      • datbul

        Come on now, dude. He gotta be gay because he’s not feeling that loud ass cover? And peep: I’d be willing to bet a hundred dollars that there’s a dude out there who you could put a wig on, then put him on the cover of this CD… and you’d have a hard time telling the difference between him and Aiko. Again, I bang wit’ her voice and her music… but her body looks like a 16 year old boy’s.

        • Drizzy

          that is hot or not, but not intended. you are accustomed to big asses (mostly fake) and and not so much attractive according to the angle of the camera. she’s not very high in stature. but who cares¿ I see this woman more attractive than nicki k michelle and rihanna togheter. she is a beautiful real girl with such a talented voice.

          • datbul

            I am accustomed to big asses. And I love em. Fake or not. Long as they look good. Ha. Give me Beyonce, Melyssa Ford or Kim K over Aiko any day of the week. We can listen to Aiko’s voice while we fool around. Call it a win win. ; )

          • Drizzy

            bria miles ^^

          • datbul

            Just Googled her.

            Three words: ALL DAY SON.

  • datbul

    I bang wit’ Aiko and Kendrick… but not really feeling this one. It’s not bad, just not for me I guess. Oh well. Still looking forward to EP. Edit: Just heard the second part of the song where the beat switches up. I like that part quite a bit more.

    • Tino

      i hear you im not in love with it, but its a cool record i enjoyed the whole thing, although i liked the 1st part a little better, i love the slow tempo flow of kendrick and it just came off as smoother then the 2nd part to me… Sidenote: yea man tyga is a real piece of shit for that cover, and im with you aiko in a bikini really doesnt do much for me either, skinny girls just aint my cup of tea *shrugs*

      • datbul

        Lol at Tyga being a piece of shit.

        And I feel you bro. Aiko’s got a dope voice and a her face is cool, but me… I like em thick.


    Shut up faggots this cover dope! it’s different

    • Drizzy

      cover is dope and hella hot. song is a 10.

    • Doug Shablowski

      This cover is different but its not dope.

      • datbul

        It’s just… overly busy.

  • Napalm Audio

    The song is tight nice and smooth but still bangs.

  • Dope.

  • cortezcuhz

    kendrick on that andre 3000 flow

  • Joel PArka

    I don’t see what the big deal with this chick is…She sounds like Cassie to me. The beat was dope though.

  • Mike Scott


  • bad boy Robby

    shit bangs

    • The Truth✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Not really. Came and went like the rest of the shit you co-sign.

  • Seif


  • Truth

    If you spent more than 5 seconds of your life debating on whether the cover needs to be redone, or is a horrible concept/graphic art, you need to sit down and rethink your whole life. I want to insult you for stupidity, but i want you to realize it yourself.

    And don’t disrespect her talents by comparing her to Cassie. How dare any of you..

    • shamia

      Truth…I 2nd ur notion..these peons are upset with their whole existence…so they feel the need to bitch over the small aspects of this womans artistry…

  • shamia

    Really guys its a fucking EP cover…and she is a real woman..excuse her asian genetics for giving her a petit figure..Perhaps she should tickle your wack ass fancy and go get booty shots to increase sells. THIS SHIT IS ABOUT MUSIK..GET REALL!! NIGGZ AT HOME BEIN ASS HOLES OVER GRAPHICS! What a life!!

  • Maria J. Carmona

    Im sick of people comparing Jhene Aiko to Cassie. Besides her beauty, there is depth and meaning to Jhene Aiko’s music. Cassie on the other hand, is only looks. As far as her (cassie) music…she should just stick to modeling. sorry cass.