Chang Weisberg Addresses Rock the Bells Cancellation, Confirms 2014 Return

blame it on Shake November 16, 2013

Due to low ticket sales, Guerilla Union was forced to cancel the East Coast dates of the 2013 Rock the Bells festival, leaving many fans disappointed.

Wanting to address the fans directly, Guerilla Union (the company behind RTB) founder Chang Weisberg took some time out to speak on the issue and give some insight behind the cancellation.

The bigger reasons, the macro-version, there were a lot of great shows that were out touring in our same time period; that could be a factor. The fact that Jay-Z was on sale, the fact that Kanye was on sale, the fact that Drake was on sale; there were just a lot of great hip-hop shows, and I wish all of them well. I think competition increases the market, and I’m happy that all these acts can be touring, and ultimately, maybe, that was one of the issues.

The show isn’t over though and GU plans on getting things back on track in 2014.

The fans are the most vital part of the festival–without your passion, energy and support, we are nothing. We are listening to your comments, learning from what has transpired, and taking it with us as we move forward. Be there with us.

Now it’s your time to offer your thoughts? What do you think Rock the Bells can do to save their ongoing festival? Let us know!