Calez: The American Dream Concept ep.1 (Introduction)

blame it on Shake November 22, 2013

Leading up to the release of his upcoming Ceito LP, Chicago’s Calez is launching a new day-by-day documentary.

“The American Dream Concept” internet show is an experiment. This day by day documentation is based on artist Calez’ hustle as an independent artist, and daily life events with selected connection to his history. Also engaging and encouraging the fan to support the produced by the people concept by donation of choice. This series will lead up to a upcoming project “Ceito,” an LP that Calez is working on during this show (due to release next year spring-time). We are excited to get better every episode and to help push this type of idea to the forefront of hip-hop. You can donate here. Ceito Republic as a company hope’s to inspire and encourage dreamers of our time to also bring new ideas as such to the table. We thank all that are sharing the video and supporting if there are any inquiries please contact us at [email protected].

For a more in depth view of the idea, visit CeitoRepublic.