Diddy, Jay Z & Dr. Dre Make Forbes’ 2013 Highest-Paid Musicians List

blame it on JES7 November 24, 2013
jay z diddy

Forbes recently released their 2013 highest-paid musicians list and the three moguls listed above landed on the list once again.

Diddy checks in at No. 12 with $50 million (he also landed on the 2013 Hip-Hop Cash Kings list as well as the 5 Wealthiest Rappers list). Rihanna sat at the 17th spot with ($43 million) while Hov (whom together with wife Beyonce were on the Highest Paid Celebrity Couples list) topped $42 million this year. And I’m sure his controversial business deal/collection with Barneys will help boost his financial profile. And finally, Dr. Dre who is sitting on a comfortable $40 mill – with the help of his Beats by Dre company.