Kanye West Spazzes Out On ‘Sway in the Morning’ (Video)

blame it on Shake November 26, 2013

Not even 24 hours after getting testy with Charlemagne on The Breakfast Club, the Kanye train is at it again. This time taking his “frustrations” out on Sway during an interview on Sway in the Morning.

After a highly positive intro courtesy of Sway, talks of Ye’s early production and his creative “genius” when it comes to live shows, things take a turn for the worst after Ye is asked about his entrance into the fashion world… “Why don’t you empower yourself, and do it yourself?” Sway asked in regards to releasing the Red Octobers himself. Ohh lawd, did the mood change after this. Kanye completely lost his mind and goes the fuck off on Sway, smh.

Kanye: How, Sway!? You ain’t got the answers, Sway! I been doing this more than you! You ain’t been doing the education! You don’t have the answers, though, because you tryna give me advice about something. You ain’t spend $13 million a year tryna empower yourself…What’s the name of yo clothing line? We don’t know… I just told you I lost the money ’cause I didn’t have the knowledge of how to do it the right way!

Sway: Okay, so you don’t have money to do it. That’s yo answer. You ain’t gotta turn up, man. This ain’t no fucking show, man.

If you can’t take another 30-minutes of Kanye, fast forward to the 17:20 mark.