Meet 21, A 19-Year-Old Memphis Rapper

blame it on Shake December 6, 2013
21 memphis

The last time we introduced a Memphis native to the Dopehouse, it was Jon Waltz with “Bang (Left My Home)“. Now we’re putting the spotlight on 21. An underage emcee with a spoken word-esque flow/delivery reminiscent of one Andre 3000.

On “Smoker’s Redemption,” his latest original release, 21 spits with confidence and hits us with some potent bars over a cloudy instrumental. Despite the title, this isn’t another “smoker” song. Which is refreshing to say the least.

Before “Smoker’s Redemption” though, 21 released an impressive take on Kendrick Lamar’s “Don’t Kill My Vibe” as well as a few other cuts. “Make It Last” shows off his ability to pick up the pace, but unfortunately it’s rather short (as far as his verse goes). Overall, the kid should be on your radar. We’re just giving you a heads up.

Shouts to the homie Tunji on another great find.