Download Two Pre-“10 Day/Acid Rap” Mixtapes From Chance The Rapper

blame it on Shake December 10, 2013
chance the rapper live

Two years ago, Chance the Rapper made his first appearance at the Dopehouse with the holiday-inspired “Merry Christmas” featuring Alex Wiley. The next four months consisted of a couple videos, leaks and freestyles leading up to the release of his 10 Day mixtape in April of 2012. A year later, the Chicago emcee followed it up with last April’s Acid Rap project; which you might of heard about once or twice.

Before all that though, Chance went by Chano and was in a group called Instrumentality with high school buddy J-emcee. Together, the two dropped off a couple projects you might be unaware of (like myself, until earlier today when Reddit user lavmar gifted the internet with some 2dope finds).

Both Good Enough and Back to School Pack show obvious signs of an artist “finding” themselves. And for good reason, Chance may or may not have even had a driver’s license at this point! Missing is the animated delivery many have grown to love from the Chicago emcee, but the thoughtful lyrics are still present. Take a listen to both projects and witness the growth (word to eLZhi).


DOWNLOAD: Instrumentality – Good Enough


DOWNLOAD: Instrumentality – Back to School Pack