Hear Wale Threaten Complex Over Their “50 Best Albums of 2013” List

blame it on Illy December 13, 2013

After their controversial year-end “50 Best Albums of 2013” list, Complex Music received a phone call from none-other-than Wale to discuss his thoughts on the list and, surely, he wasn’t fond of it a bit.

In the call which lasted no less than three minutes, Wale sounded off on Complex Music’s Insanul Ahmed which he claimed that Complex’s staff writers had a personal bias against him for not including his 2013 album, The Gifted, in the list.

“You mean to tell me Juicy J album better than mine?” said Wale in the heated phone call. “Is that what you trying to tell me?” Wale then proceeded to threaten the Complex staff: “I’ll come to that office and start knocking n****s the fuck out.”

Hear the heated phone call from the MMG rapper below:

UPDATE: Wale reacts to the leak (sort of) via Instagram.