Scarface Talks the Dumbing Down of Hip-Hop On The Combat Jack Show

blame it on JES7 December 29, 2013

Scarface, now a resident of NYC, recently sat down with Combat Jack for a build on the state of Hip-Hop and shares his opinions on what he calls the dumbing down of Hip-Hop.

I feel like the powers that be are intentionally dumbing down our craft. Because the dumbest shit I ever heard is on the radio right now, is #1. When urban Hip-Hop sounds like this, and suburban Hip-Hop sounds like that. I kinda feel fucked up – it’s like our shits fucked up and the powers that be pour salt in the wound.

Check out the full interview up top as there are some interesting points being made, then sound off below with your opinions. Conspiracy theory? Or simply the nature of the beast?