Rick Ross – Bound 2 (Remix)

blame it on Illy January 1, 2014

Rozay starts off 2014 with a remix of Kanye West’s Yeezus single, “Bound 2.” His upcoming sixth studio album Mastermind arrives later this year.

  • drewsmit24

    Solid but I wanna hear action bronson over this if it gotta be a fat nigga on some braggadocio shit

    But no hate in 2014…Rick Ross Mastermind comin soon

    • CJ

      Bronson sucks bruh, wannabe Ghostface Killah

      • Arthur E Brandon Jr

        Most unintelligent comment ever.

  • wat

    He didn’t fit on this beat. He couldn’t find the pocket.

    • Prince Akeem

      does rick ross fit in anything?

      • wat

        Wing Stop lol


    I honestly expected Devil In a New Dress….

  • Vito17

    where’s year end list???

    • AndOneill

      i been waitin weeks for this shit.! hopefully today some time,

  • Kay’bee Nodice

    He killed this track y’all soupd he said run in your home put you infant in a blender sippin smoothly or give it up smoothly

    • Guest

      *can’t find a comment that says he did otherwise*

    • maus

      “sippin’ a smoothie” c’mon, it’s not like he raps fast, genius.

      • Kay’bee Nodice

        It’s not about rappin fast that’s where y’all get shit twisted wit the rap game. But if u can jus talk tht shit keep it g nd always say some clever nd different rapping fast or slow it’s dope now and days niggas rappin fast but ain’t saying a damn thing Thts all I’m sayin damu

  • sneak79

    …now we just need a Bound 2 video with Gunplay as Yeezy and Rozay as Kim :-)