Boi-1da Lands Production on Mobb Deep’s ‘The Infamous Mobb Deep’

blame it on JES7 January 4, 2014

In an interview with Vibe, the OVO producer reveals that Havoc recruited him to help produce on Mobb Deep’s upcoming The Infamous Mobb Deep.

It’s new-age with that old Mobb twist to it. I was a big fan of Mobb Deep and Havoc’s production, so I just reached out and me and him have been producing records together, sending stuff back and forth. I can say that I have some records on the new Mobb Deep album that me and Havoc did together. It’s something I knocked off my bucket list.

He’s also set to “bring back” real Hip-Hop:

I’m not with that jiggy stuff. I want people to hear my music and be like, ‘Wow that’s hip-hop, but that’s not like fucking backpack.’ Not crazy down-south trendy music—I’m not about trendy. I’m about making legendary and timeless music.

Speaking on Drake, the Toronto native said he’d love to hear him go back to his roots and create an all-rap album, stating that ultimately it’s entirely up to Drizzy and producer Noah “40” Shebib.