Troy Ave Talks ‘New York City: The Album’, Kendrick Lamar Comments & More

blame it on JES7 January 4, 2014

In an interview with TheNEHipHop, Troy Ave breaks down the reception he gained for the release of New York City: The Album, stating that this is what a New York album is supposed to sound like:

This what New York is supposed to sound like. Trains running. Traffic. It don’t sound like strip clubs (and shit like that). That ain’t New York City. It don’t have no bounce to it and all that. That shit is corny. I just restored on the feeling of the old.

On his remarks regarding Kendrick Lamar as a weirdo, he had this to say:

Kendrick said he actually fucks with my music heavy. I wasn’t dissing him or nothing. It’s like somebody said Troy Ave is a “dark skin rapper.” Alright. That’s the truth. Kendrick Lamar is a weirdo rapper, but that don’t mean he don’t make good music. Weirdo meaning “different.”

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