ScHoolboy Q Reveals “Blind Threats” Song w/ Raekwon + IAmA Reddit Highlights

blame it on JES7 January 11, 2014

As we mentioned earlier, Puffy held his first ever IAmA session on Reddit tonight. While there were some really dumb (read: trolling) questions posed, there were also some pretty interesting ones as well. I’ve gone through the entire session and picked out the best relevant and funny questions and responses which you can read below.

On if he’d ever consider doing a collab album, and who he’d pick:

Rocky!!! Me and Mac [Miller] wanna do a alternative album but rap keeps me tied up.

On if there’s plans for an Oxymoron tour in the future:

Yupp dates sHould be up by end of tHa montH, but u know I like pusHing sHIt back so just wait lol.

His biggest influences, and his favorite song he’s done so far:

My biggest influences r… Biggie, Nas, 50, Jigga, Kendrick. My fav song i done…. song on OXY CALLED blind tHreats feat Raekwon.

His opinions on Drake and being a “soft rapper”:

Drake is dope braH being soft Has nutHin to do wit HIs music i like music.

What song he had the most fun writing:

I Have more fun performing em and seeing da work paying off, so iono.

On how he and Mac Miller became close friends:

We went on tour and was smoking weed den He played me HIs new sHIt and i became a fan.

On any chance for another collaboration with KiD CuDi:

I TRIED He must wasnt fuckin wit me iono.

What songs he’s been bumping lately:

[Childish] Gambino “Worst Guys” and my new song wit 2cHainz.

What genre of music he’d dive into after Rap:

Rock r skrillex type sHit.

Oprah, Martha Stewart, Kathy Griffin. Fuck, Marry, Kill:

I already fuck katHy, i would marry opraH and kill martHa sHe a felon.

Who would win in a fight. Q or Action Bronson:


If “Druggys With Hoes 3” will appear on Oxymoron:

nope sample smH.

If he was upset that he did not make it on Kendrick’s GKMC:

No i respect em for it…

How much better he thinks Oxymoron is compared to Habits & Contradictions:

Alot Habits is jus good to me not classic.

On when he will reveal the artwork for the album:

[In a] few days.