Curtiss King Breaks Down Murs’ “Justin Bieber’s Black Baby”

blame it on Shake January 13, 2014
murs curtiss king

Last week, Murs revealed he is dropping a new project with producer Curtiss King. Described as a “backpacker’s adventure into the world of trap music,” Shut Your Trap will be available on January 23rd.

Included on the free mixtape is a track called “Justin Bieber’s Black Baby” which Curtiss King calls the most controversial song on the project.

[It] is Murs’ theory that Justin Bieber has a little Black baby in his head telling him to do all the crazy shit he’s been doing lately. So in the song, Murs channels Bieber’s inner ratchet and lets loose lines like, ‘Selena Gomez, that’s my old bitch/ And I’m ’bout to clone that hoe because I’m so rich.’ and ‘My pops the same color as my white tee/ Am I Justin Bieber’s Black baby? Bitch, I might be.'”

In other Murs news, the Living Legend is hitting the road as part of The Ice Box Tour. Check the cities/dates here.