Freddie Gibbs Talks Life After CTE, Dissing Jeezy Still & Compares Himself to Pimp C

blame it on Shake January 22, 2014

As we know, Freddie Gibbs left CTE back in late 2012. But that hasn’t stopped him from letting off shots in Jeezy’s direction every chance he gets. While the beef seemed to have stalled out, Gibbs took to Twitter and expressed a few more disrespectful thoughts about the (currently incarcerated) Snowman.

Speaking with XXL, the Gary, Indiana native speaks on life after CTE, why he still disses Jeezy (explaining he has one shot left) and compares his uncensored attitude to the late Pimp C.

On why he’s still dissing Jeezy

“Honestly, I can give two fucks about Jeezy. I ain’t got nothing to prove to Jeezy. From a rap standpoint, I gotta say what’s going on. I gotta say how I feel. If I don’t like a motherfucker, I’m not about to act like I like a motherfucker. For the media, I ain’t about to act like I like a motherfucker. For this fake ass Hollywood shit, I’m not doing that. I flat out don’t fuck with dude. He a liar. That is what it is. To me, it’s not real. Until you formally make that shit right with me…all the motherfucker gotta do is [say], ‘My bad, Gibbs.’ But, motherfuckers act like I am crazy or some shit. I’m not about to make the media make me think I am crazy. I am not about to let motherfuckers trick me into [thinking], ‘Oh man, why are you doing that?’ That’s how I feel about that punk ass nigga, and any other rap nigga that I got a motherfucking issue with. I’ma motherfuckin’ put they ass on blast, nigga.

I say shit when I want to say it, how I want to say it. Until I’m done talking about that shit, I’ma speak on it. I think I got one more shot to bust in that clip. When I bust that shit, it’s over with.”

On comparing himself to Pimp C

“I feel like Pimp C. The way Pimp C felt about these niggas, that’s how I feel about [Jeezy]. He wasn’t barking for nothing. That shit is real. He got ridiculed for saying how he felt and it’s sad that he had to die after that. Motherfuckers always want to tell you now how you feel when it’s negative towards somebody that everybody love. ‘Man, I love him. He can’t be like…’ Man, fuck that. I don’t love that motherfucker like you. Love don’t live here no more.”