Black Rob Says He’s Making a “New York” Album + IAmA Reddit Highlights

blame it on JES7 January 25, 2014

Banco Pop was the latest Hip-Hop artist to participate in r/hiphopheads IAmA sessions, the last one with ScHoolboy Q.

Although the session was very short, Eastside Soprano supplied a few answers to burning questions of fans.

On one producer he’d like to make a full album with and his favorite Redman CD:

Billy Slang and his partner Big French are incredible. I’d make a full album with Slang right now. We might have two albums plus worth of material already!! Whut? Thee Album was my favorite Redman CD.

His take on the East Coast/West Coast rivalry:

I don’t know how Pac felt. None of the East/West beef ever concerned me.

If he had to change his verse on “24 Hours To Live” to reflect today:

I don’t think I would change it. Those are a pretty good 24 hrs right there…

Where he’s been and what he’s currently working on:

I’ve been working hard this past year on making sure the new album sounds incredible as well as getting my video game company off of the ground. I made sure to build a good team around me.

On Life Story 2:

That’s next! (after this album, the video game, and video game soundtrack). The album title will be revealed at a later date.

His inspirations:

Kool G. Rap, Grand Daddy IU, MC Shan, Rakim, Kane… those are the foundation. After those guys G. Dep was the one dude who always made me keep my pen game up.

Who he’s feeling in the game right now:

Sean Price is the only one impressing me lately.

Who he’d like to work with:

Kool G Rap is someone I’ve always wanted to work with. Mary J too.

If he ran into any problems in prison:

I had no problems in prison. Nothing too crazy happened when I was around. A few good people looked out for me. The biggest thing anyone can take away from an experience like that is to never want to go back.

The direction he’s taking on his next album:

Straight up. I’m making a New York album.

If he’d ever collaborate with Quan:

Funny you mention!!! I have a track on my new album called Chapter One with Quan!! Produced by Billy Slang and Big French. Shit goes hard.

What inspired Life Story:

Hunger. No matter how hard I pushed Puff didn’t like it… so I learned to push harder.