Yasiin Gaye (Yasiin Bey x Marvin Gaye) – Inner City Travellin’ Man’

blame it on Meka January 29, 2014

From the makers of the excellent Pharcyde x A Tribe Called Quest mashup A Quest To The Pharcyde, producer Amerigo Gazaway is now combining the talents two of the greatest artists of the past and present for Yasiin Gaye. Check out the album’s cover, brief teaser and first offering below, then get ready for the project when it drops February 25th.

  • shloob

    no comments on this?
    this shit is fire.

  • Cracker Skull

    Mos Def is back and on fire, he needs to make a Black Star 2 album with Talib Kweli though

    • Enjoyer of Music

      how is he back? this is an old verse.

      • Cracker Skull

        I mean he’s back to making music..cmon man, don’t come up in here with that hostile attitude, smfh, fucker

        • Enjoyer of Music

          I wasn’t being a dick, i thought he actually released new music that I didn’t hear. calm down

          • クリス

            Lmfaooooo ..Relationship issues?

    • Pizza Steve

      We BEEN waiting on that one for a long time bro lol

  • Soundtrack for the night. *Deuces*

  • biff tannen

    Dope mash up. Mos needs to drop more music.

    • Mac Dre

      He’s got the album coming out with Mannie Fresh soon.

      • Nuance

        ^^^ Said Mos Def a year ago. I’m impatiently waiting brother. You can never get enough Black Dante

  • william hesquire

    its dope, but they never chop ot to where its a entire new look from two different songs. it should sound like marvin and mos were in the studio together.

    • william hesquire

      tall black guys mash of the message is the same thing. dope, but not a clean mashup. topspin be killin it. have y’all heard his mary j. and dilla blends?

  • Ryuk918

    oh my.

  • datbul

    Very Dope. Very Dope indeed.

  • KoldBowKillah

    Im rather excited for this!!!!

  • Frank Knight

    Song was so epic, it sucks the Bizzarre Tribe was taken down… *Crosses fingers and yells “torrents here I come”*

  • Sirilly


  • DJ Daz-One

    The Mighty Mos Def >> BK WINS AGAIN

  • wat


  • Enjoyer of Music

    dope track. I hope he mashes up Boogie Man/U R The One with some tracks from “Hear, My Dear”. So perfect together.

  • SgtGoodspyke

    this is what i call “2 dope boyz”

  • Thank Me

    I will be looking forward to this project when it releases. This is too smooth

  • cam

    Whatever happened ta that project wit Mos Def &Mannie Fresh???

  • Pensive

    wow. dopeness. instrumental too!

  • who cares

    Fucking smooooth.

  • Test

    Yasiin Gaye? Wouldn’t Marvin Bey have been a bit better? You know as Bey and Gaye rhyme.

  • drewbie




  • Pizza Steve

    Wow.. This is great!