Jadakiss Says The Grammys Are Not Geared Toward Hip-Hop

blame it on JES7 February 1, 2014

In this brief interview with Revolt TV, Kiss states what has been obvious to Hip-Hop fans for decades: The Grammys are not geared toward Hip-Hop. Before he explains his reasoning, Kiss said “Macklemore deserved everything.” As you now know, Macklemore cleaned out at the Grammys, while Kendrick got snubbed in every category he was nominated for.

When they say the Hip-Hop Album of the Year, only two of the nominees, or maybe one, is really Hip-Hop. Just when you thought the Grammys was loosening up… Macklemore knows that being independent and doing what he’s done, he deserved everything.

His statement really doesn’t come as a surprise though, as The LOX have been vocally supportive of the 4x awarded Grammy nominee.