The Cool Kids Talk ‘Shark Week’ & Biters

blame it on Shake February 7, 2014
the cool kids

During the first week of the year, Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks announced they were reuniting, released two new songs and revealed they would finally be releasing their long-awaited Shark Week LP. Sitting down with SPIN, Mikey spoke on getting back together with Chuck, the new album and the meaning behind the title.

How many songs have you completed?

Right now there are four. We work really fast, so we basically are waiting for a couple of little things so we can go out of the country — we want to go to the beach and record. We can make the album in like two weeks, pretty much.

Will there be many guests on the album?

So far, it’s just us, but that’s definitely something that me and Chuck need to talk about. We haven’t talked about it yet. Usually, with the Cool Kids, we’re self-produced, and we have such a unique sound that it makes sense to keep it in-house. We already got IAMSU! and the HBK Gang on “Chop,” so there’s no reason why more can’t be added.

What’s the meaning behind the title?

I’m a big fan of animals, and we’ve kept a theme of always relating our album titles to fish somehow. To us, the fish theme is a deeper meaning than most people would understand. You know what sharks do? Sharks are biters. We feel like after our first couple of mixtapes, a lot of people started biting our style, biting our look, biting our music, so now we’re addressing all of that stuff.

Are you going to be naming names?

Maybe. It’s not really about other people as much as giving you something to bite. We’re not about to blow your name up and make you feel relevant. We’d rather just give you more to bite: You wanna bite the look? Here’s the craziest one. You wanna bite the sound? Bite this, you know?