Air Yeezy 2s Dropped Today & Sold Out, Hypebeasts Contemplate Their Lives

blame it on JES7 February 9, 2014

The one sneaker that caused the most controversy last year has finally been released. And in true hypebeast, trend-following fashion, they were gone. Poof! Surprised? Shouldn’t be.

Nike tweeted a purchase link to cop the Red October Air Yeezy 2s, which almost had a mythical, Detox status to it, thanks in part to Nike. That in turn caused Kanye to lash out at Nike during a rant, who was subsequently dropped from Nike and then inked a deal with adidas.

I, for one, find this hilarious. The amount of hype that goes into a sneaker because so-and-so endorses it or is a signature piece is ridiculous, and as most who know me personally, I despise trend followers. But I digress.

If you’re really desperate and after them, you can always head to ebay. There’s already one ridiculous listing with a starting bid of ten-fvcking-grand here.

red-october-2 red-october-3

Photos courtesy of Miss Info.