Nas Promises Upcoming Xbox Series ‘Street Dreams’ is “100 Percent Authentic”

blame it on Shake February 14, 2014

Earlier this week, we got word that Xbox Entertainment Studios was working on an original series based on Nas’ career in the 90’s. Speaking with Rolling Stone, Nas states that the Jonathan Levine-directed series, appropriately titled Street Dreams, will be completely authentic.

I’m hands-on with everything, so this show is 100 percent authentic. Even if I don’t look cool in it, I just want it to be real and raw. I didn’t see this as a full autobiography at first. But I have so much that’s happened in my life already, there was no room for fantasy. I wanted it to be entertaining, but everything from my life seemed to be so strong. It’s all reality. There’s nothing from my life I didn’t want in there.

Nas won’t be starring in the film, but he will be contributing music and co-writing many of the episodes. When asked about the differences between writing songs and writing scripts, he had the following the say…

It’s a whole different process. It’s really therapeutic. I look back and I think about my mom [who passed away in 2002] and I know she’s looking down. Sometimes, I have a conversation with her, like, ‘Did you ever think that our story would be put to film for people to see? Did you know it was that special back then?’ I felt it was that special. This is life. I have to accept that and that’s what writing this is like.

At this time, Street Dreams is still in it’s beginning stages but Mr. Jones hopes to begin production sometime this year.