Contest: Win An iPad Mini, Courtesy of the DopeHouse & Big Piph

blame it on Shake March 19, 2014

Yes, you read that correctly. The DopeHouse, in conjunction with Little Rock’s Big Piph, are giving y’all a chance to win a 2DBZ-skinned iPad Mini!

It’s a crazy world, but we call the spot where your focus, purpose, and chill intersect “The Calm.”  And Big Piph wants to know yours.

You gotta spot you go to to burn incense and chill?  Is there a stress relieving non-side piece with whom you break bread?  Any activities you get into to maintain your peace?  Well, share it on Instagram and if you have the dopest one,  we’ve gotta free iPad Mini with a custom 2DBZ skin and loaded with Big Piph’s audio and visual content from his last 4 projects (The Calm, Such Is Life, Respect pt3:  The Wait, & Respect pt2: Womens).

And even if you hate Piph as a person and an artist; but like taking pictures and free iPad Mini’s, you still win. Just know that deleting Big Piph’s material from the device will cause it to self-destruct.  (For legal reasons I must say we’re just playing.  For other reasons, I’m saying we aint tho…)

Ok, now for the details…

Quick Breakdown:
• Put your email address down in the box below.
• Follow @bigpiph on Instagram.
• Take a picture of you in or with “The Calm” and upload it to Instagram and be sure to tag it with @bigpiph AND #thecalm.
• The top 3 pictures will be chosen by Big Piph and uploaded to his Facebook page. The owner of the picture with the most like by the end of the day will receive a free iPad mini- preloaded with all of Big Piph’s material.

Contest Timeline:
• Tuesday, 3/19 – Wednesday, 3/26: Instagram submissions
• Thursday, 3/27: Top 3 pictures posted on Big Piph’s Facebook page
• Friday, 3/28: Picture with the most likes is awarded the Grand Prize

More Picture Details:
• Pics that are fun, dumb, inspiring, cute, hard, creative, and sentimental are all fair game. Just make sure the picture is true to you and doesn’t suck.
• You must be at least partially visible in the picture.
• Photo submissions must not contain any violent/offensive images or illegal activities. Well, they can, but you won’t win (Just act like you shot it in Colorado if need be).  Plus any pictures of self-indictment should be tagged with #imanidiot.
• Although you can post #thecalm pics all you want, only the first THREE posted per contestant will be eligible for the contest. For photos that contain multiple Instagram users, a prize will only be awarded to the account that posts the photo.
• The images can only be edited using Instagram filters. No photoshop or any other photo editing software can be used for submissions.

What If I still have questions…?
Just send us an email to [email protected] or call 888.888.8868 and we’ll get back to you.