Crate Diggers w/ Domino

blame it on JES7 March 22, 2014

Hieroglyphics producer Domino is the latest to get the spotlight in Fuse’s newest Crate Diggers episode, where he talks about his earliest experiences and memories involving music. Fun fact that I learned today: Domino’s father (Rubén Sigüenza) played in the punk band Mink DeVille (largely known for their rubbing shoulders with CBGB’s earlier punk rock acts). Among Domino’s major influences are “dramatic music and orchestration and it stems from being a kid and watching ESPN and NFL films. The influence of the orchestration and the drama that really got to me and has been an influence on me throughout my production career.”

Word. Those NFL library records always have a hefty tag price attached to them, but there’s some ill sh*t on those records.

Watch the entire episode up top, then head here to peep the Hiero x The Hundreds collab/mixtape.