JAY Z & Jay Electronica – We Made It (Remix)

blame it on Illy March 23, 2014

Completely unexpected, the Roc Nation head honcho and the Roc Nation recluse reunite for the first time in years (since “Shiny Suit Theory“) to talk their shit over Soulja Boy Drake’s “We Made It.”

Looks like Hov finally responded to Drake’s comments in his recent Rolling Stone interview where he spoke on Jay’s multiple art references…

“Sorry Mr. Drizzy for so much art talk/ Silly me, rappin’ about shit that I really bought/ While these rappers rap about guns, they ain’t shot/ And a bunch of other silly shit that’ ain’t got”

  • Grimzz

    This is a good sign…Two good Jay Elect tracks in a week or so…

    • AndOneill

      Don’t speak 2 soon my man!!!

  • dizzy

    The gods

    • Pac back

      smh sheep

      • Peezy


  • Isaac

    This is fucking dope.

  • RϰϰςΨ

    “Sorry Mr. Drizzy for so much art talk, silly me rappin’ about shit that I really bought.” So corny, he has great musical ability, knows how to mingle, but dude’s a fucking dork lol

    • Tyler Reaux

      did you just call jay z a dork?
      do dork’s get girls like beyonce??

  • Tim

    first rosenberg now drizzy smh hov gripping the jews by the neck this week

    • Goldberg brain

      BTW 2dbz Jay said “Sorry Mrs Drizzy” not Mr.

      • Raul

        no he didn’t

        • Goldberg brain

          Go check the lyrics if you don’t believe me….deaf ass

          • Raul

            listen closer next time. He says “Mr.” he just doesn’t pronounce the r at the end

          • Elohim for the Ignorant

            its clear Ms. when you listen on a top notch clear set of studio monitors NO QUESTION.

        • LupeX

          He said Mrs Drizzy. Clear as day! I wasnt even listening for it and I heard it, had to rewind it 2 b sure.

      • Stevie Janowski

        And this ain’t drakes latest, it’s souljah boys

      • Jay Daniels

        Ya’ll arguing over what he said by your own ears when none of you have a clue what Jay said until he confirms it himself. Could have been Mr. OR Mrs. none of us really know.

        • Selorm Amuzu

          But it makes more sense for Jay to say Mrs seeing Drake’s reputation

    • malcyvelli


    • B3gillin

      What happened with Rosenberg

      • OG LUFTRA

        Hov G checked him for talking reckless. Peep youtube Hot 97 channel god

  • Starks

    A dynasty album needs to come out with Jay’s new camp.

    • wat

      If only…

    • Enjoyer of Music

      nah man, that wouldn’t be good. Dynasty worked because they were all street rappers over vintage kanye, just blaze, and bink! beats.

      you really trying to hear Jay-Z (businessman raps) collaborate with scientific Jay Elect, J. “1200 thread count” Cole, Rihanna, and Rita Ora over DJ mustard beats for a whole album? That album would be all over the place.

      nah man, I’ll just take these random loose tracks.

      EDIT: Looking at their roster now, I’d be interested in an R&B version of the Dynasty album lol. Melanie Fiona, Solange Knowles, Rihanna, and Bridget Kelly. Production by S1, and Stargate, executive produced by No I.D.? That could be good. But even that’s a reach

      • marty mcfly

        You just heard Jays “Businessman raps” with Jay Elec’s scientific raps and it sounded dope fool. The Dynasty album was mostly Jay, Beans, and Bleek. Now if Roc Nation wanted to do an album like that today, it most likely be Jayz, Jay Elec and J Cole. Im not a fan of Cole but the album would probably be dope. 1 because judging by Jayz and Kanye’s ear for music over the last decade? Their on point most of the time. If the music didnt come out dope then they probably wouldn’t put it out. Another Dynasty album aint gonna happen but if it did I think by now these guys know how to make dope music and again if you need further proof just listen to this song again. This is just some freestyle type shit so I can only imagine them locking in again like WTT. Shit would be crazy.

        • boom shakka lakka

          FAM. You must be Memphis Bleek or some shit in real life. Niggas can’t even criticize a Jay compilation album when you’re around.

        • boom shakka lakka

          How Drake treats these hoes is how you treat Jay-Z. Take that cape off nigga. Jay don’t know you.

  • disqus_SJNSg4LMQI

    Sorry Jay & Jay, but this does not top Drizzy’s version.

    • Lorant Mena

      LOL “Drizzy” isn’t fucking with this #GodHop

      • Sha Har


    • malcyvelli


    • Guest

      u mad?

    • Stevie Janowski


    • ball666

      sorry du but that avatar does not top blue steel

  • Adi Pre


  • gaint ball

    This shit sounds like a migo track!

    • Peezy

      nah…this is just dope lyrics over a dope beat

      • gaint ball

        GTFOH! lol yes this is very dope, lyrics and all but they took the Migos whole style on this

        • DJ7

          Never was the Migos style to take youngin’….ain’t nothing new under the sun…try Dismasters circa ’87

  • disdatfyiaa

    Were those shots i heard?

    • mya9


  • treez69

    Jay killed it

  • biff tannen

    Finally a decent jay z verse. Jay electronica killed this tho. Dope!

  • Gras Aap

    Drake does it again

  • Freshsup

    Diggin’ this shit. Electro is murder.

  • Dynamite

    If you say drake shit better you on a crack pipe

  • Chris Brown

    I own my own masters, you know I ain’t missin’ no royalty statements
    I can’t be rated, damn Hov stunt on them haters
    Sorry mister Drizzy for so much art talk
    Silly me rappin’ ’bout shit that I really bought
    Why these rappers rap about guns they ain’t shot?
    And a bunch of other silly shit that they ain’t got

    LMAO sorry mister Drizzy hahaha

    • BathSaltZ0mbie .

      It’s I can’t be “raided” not rated…….

    • Guest

      we heard the same song brah thanks tho

      • BathSaltZ0mbie .

        Apparently you didn’t. Well, I guess you could be that fucking stupid that you would think “raided” is spelled “rated.

        • GAWDBODY

          fuck outta here bullshit ass nikuh. smell the roses matta fact smell my ass

    • LupeX

      It’s ‘Sorry Mrs Drizzy’

  • Damn, Lupita’s chest flatter than Taylor Swift’s vocals.
    Jay Elec killed it(like always).

    • Enjoyer of Music

      Cold. Blooded.


    JAY > JAY

  • One

    Jay elec killed it. Good shit from jay z too, better than the other shit he spit recently. Drake’s cocky Rolling stone Interview backfiring on him. Meanwhile, fab is still looking for a studio to record a responce :)

    Hope jay electronica keeps the heat coming, 2 for 2 so far



  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    He says Mrs. Drizzy referring to “Rhianna” and the song “talk that talk”

    Stop reaching for fake beef. Shots were not fired….

    Camel warriros fall back.

    • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

      look son a faggot ^

    • One

      He’s obviously referring to that rolling stone iview from drake. really..OBVIOUSLY

    • FlightSchool Pree

      No buddy he said sorry mrs.drizzy talking About drake GQ mag diss

    • TrueGem17

      WTF? Since when Rihanna is referred as “mrs. Drizzy”? It was obviously about Drake.

      • Prince Akeem

        lol right? he literally just made that up lol

      • BathSaltZ0mbie .

        Riri is officially with Drizzy now dumbass. Thats why he said that shit…

  • Your Best Friend

    Jay Electronica, I swear to God, NEVER disappoints musically. Unbelievable emcee, he really needs to drop that debut.

    • Ytnewtruof024

      Hear, hear!

  • tdotperera

    Don’t get my hopes up j elec..

  • I run Zamunda!

    Nobody got time for this.

  • Youdontknowus?


  • Ohms


  • malcyvelli

    I don’t know what is killing me the most: this track or Lupita’s sternum

  • marty mcfly

    DOPE DOPE DOPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The new Hope along with the GOAT. Attention Hip Hop culture its time to take this shit back to the essence. You have one of the most mainstream MCs with some of the most commercial visibility doing shit like this so its no excuses anymore. If you aint saying something in your raps then its time to just get out the way. This is Hip Hop in the age of aquarius and without artistic evolution the culture can not grow and progress. This is the kinda progression that Hip Hop culture needs in 2014.

    • Starks

      This song affected you that much? Seems like someone’s easily impressed or blinded by the name of the artist.

      • marty mcfly

        “effected me”? Well I mean, I heard it and thought is was dope so if thats what you mean then ok and if you think im easily impressed then thats cool. I dont have a problem with that. As far as me being blinded? NO, I just like the song and thats about it. You saying im blind dont mean I cant see or hear for that matter.

        • marty mcfly


          • Statethefacts


          • biff tannen


          • marty mcfly

            What he did was make a one word comment (which prolly describes his mentally) and then get the fuck out the way, as to not say much he may later get shitted on for saying. Message LOL

      • marty mcfly

        You just mad and probably a hater. I mean some songs are just obviously dope and if I like many others today find the song impressive then maybe its cause it is. Stop hating

        • Starks

          How old are you to be speaking like that? Nobody’s hating; you need to read what I said again. Nobody said the song was shit. I just said you’re easily impressed by a song because of the names alone. You’re quite the comedian though. Lol

          • marty mcfly

            You said I was easily impressed because of the names but just cause you make an assumption about how somebody else feels doesn’t mean its true. I think the songs sounds dope so thats why I said it was but as far as if the names make me feel like the song is impressive? Thats what you said , not me. I think its dope cause it sounds good and the lyrics are dope. All that other shit is what you said about me but thats not what I said in the first place fool.

          • marty mcfly

            Say yeah you are hating. So much so that you telling me why I like the song and how I view a song. I like the song cause its good period. If you not saying the song was shit and you not saying anything negative about the song in general then you should probably be quiet.

          • Luke Foord

            Mate you must be new to 2dopeboyz. The general rule is never reply to a post by marty mcfly

          • Starks

            I’m well aware of him. I respond to him just to give him a dose of his own medicine.

          • marty mcfly

            Well you failed cause you made a comment toward me and then got shitted upon LOL.

          • Starks

            The amount of comments you had compared to me is ridiculous. You dug your own grave when you replied initially. What are you even talking about? You get so offended when anyone disses you when they talk about your obsession over Hov. The whole site knows about it. Dawg, just shut up… It’s pathetic… Just take the L.

          • marty mcfly

            No fool, you made an assumption about why I like the song saying I was easily impressed and blind and caught up in names. I said NO, I like the song cause it sounds dope. Then you said nobody said the song was shit (so you probably should’ve been quiet from the gate) so first you assume why I like something and you were wrong on all three counts and further you have nothing bad to say about the song which lets me know that you know why I like the song in the first place. So YOU commented purely to hate, and you hating on me for saying something good about a song thats clearly dope. You lost all around the board in the situation. I made those comments shit to further show you how stupid you really are. You asked me “what are you even talking about”? Now you know dumbass. Next time you wanna “diss” me or hate on me about some shit you know you need to STFU about? Think about it first bitch.

          • marty mcfly

            You gave yourself multiple Ls with just your first comment alone. It was my comment (that had nothing to so with you), that “affected” you enough to wanna ask me a question in which you assumed a bunch of different dumb shit. You dug your own hole, I just kicked you in it.

          • Starks

            Are you still going? God are you that hurt by my remarks? Lol

          • marty mcfly

            No not hurt at all but you asking me if im still going as if my comments aint responses to yours. You wanna keep demonstrating your hatin ass feelings by giving me more ammunition then I’ll keep giving you “a dose of your own medicine” Bitch

      • marty mcfly

        Alot of these other comments on several different sites for the most, niggas is saying they bodied this beat and the shit is crazy. Maybe you the blind one.

      • MusicHead

        You know he loves Jay-Z sperm juice.

        • marty mcfly

          You probably really suck dick you fukboy. Go deepthroat a shotgun or something.

    • biff tannen

      Yo marty, how happy are you that the love of your life finally did something worth noticing? Jay electro still caught a camel carcass on this tho lol

      Enjoy this while you can mcfly, I suspect jay will now go back to being the boring, uninspired MC he’s been for much of this new decade.

      There’s a new jay in town lol

      • marty mcfly

        You fags gotta do something with your homosexual mentality already cause you fucks time is up at this point. Ya’ll the mentally dead thats been holding back the culture to a degree for years with your hatin fuckery. You hate to see anything positive, you hate to see the progression of the art, you hate that people like dope music etc… But its too late bitches cause you still caught up in spreading your negativity and tryna hate on others who dont have no hate in they heart. Like that. I respect Jayz for his music and the artistic directions who chooses to lead the culture in. The best hating tactic you haters can come up with is making your little gay jokes LOL. FOH you faggot ass crabs. People been saying for years that Hip Hop needs to progress and evolve etc… Well in the words of the RZA “THE GODS IS HERE” and the times up for devils such as yourself. If you still got some hating ass shit to say after all this time of Jays career then its time to just get the fuck out the way and be quiet. You hatin ass crab in barrel homotrolls have clearly lost already. KILL YOURSELVES

        • biff tannen

          Tl; dr

          Ill just go ahead n assume its another one of your jay z nut hugging rants. To which I reply: LOL.

          • marty mcfly

            No I just like good songs. You however have been holding my nuts for about a year now. You shadow my comments looking for ways you can add your 2 cents (which is always based in hate LOL) as if your on a personal mission to become a metaphorical toilet seat. Its like you wanna be owned by me every time you speak. To which I reply: LOL

          • biff tannen

            Trolling the fuck out of you is “holding your nuts”? Okay lol

            There’s no need to “shadow” your comments, if jay z is mentioned chances are you are there eagerly informing the world of the many reasons you love him lol

            There’s no hate here mcfly. Its strictly entertainment for me. You are 2DBZ’s court jester. I simply enable you to play your role and have a laugh or two at your expense like everyone else here.

            Now hurry up and reply so I can continue to take intermittent breaks from work to laugh at you. Thanks in advance.

          • marty mcfly

            Yes trolling the fuck outta me is “holding my nuts” and the fact that your ok with that is kinda some weirdo shit. Whats more ridiculous is how you await my comments on Jayz as if you believe your own assumptions you project on me so you wait there eagerly to inform the world about how you feel about me and my comments. My opinion is easy to understand. I like good music period. So yes when Jayz makes some new material I think its good music but there is a bunch of other artists I feel make good music and when they do I also comment saying its good music. So when you talk about me being your entertainment (a phrase I’ve used repeatedly to describe your comments), as I make comments that have nothing to do with you initially, it makes you even more of a dumbass to not realize that the same way you claim to laugh at me is exactly how I’ve been feeling about your attempts to display your bitchassness, your hating ways as well as your homotrolling ever since you started like a year a ago. I been laughing every time you entertain my comments which never have anything to do with you at first. The fact that you find it entertaining and admittedly describe your activity as ‘trolling the fuck outta you” shows me how truly stupid you really are. That was fun, now you’ll continue probably with a short sentence or two and I’ll continue to make you my bitch and continue to own you with these long paragraphs I write in seconds to illustrate how much of you troll you are and how much you take pride in being one. Checkmate, you shall proceed.

          • marty mcfly

            @My Shadow Troll, Biff. You may even claim that you aint reading my comments? Which is even better because again, it will only further show you more reasons as to why when you see me comment? You should prolly STFU immediately but since you enjoy being a toilet seat then I guess the shitting continues…

          • biff tannen

            You’re right, I’m not reading all that lol

            You’ve wasted your time and I’m STILL lol’ing at you.

            Another wall if text is imminent. …


          • marty mcfly

            I hope you are laughing cause that makes it even better for me.

          • biff tannen

            O I am lol

            Unlike your idol jay z, you never disappoint.

          • marty mcfly

            I not the one hating nor am I the one thats the self admitted troll but speaking on disappointment? Not only is trollism sad and disappointing but as far as Jayz being a disappointment? Homie is doing alot better then you are so on several different levels if there is any disappointment involved here? It should be from you towards yourself. You troll me bitch, I simply just own you each time you do it and you take pride in that and think your the one being entertained? On multiple levels you have lost so much that it has now become beneath me to even take you even half way serious. Im glad you had fun trolling me LOL. Smh

          • biff tannen

            Once again, you’ve wasted your time because I’m not reading that lol

            You can’t help yourself can you? Lol

            This is too easy.

  • we’ll see doe

    j elec sounds dope. too bad his album gon be on outdated beats………………………..

  • garvey2013

    All those gems they dropping in this song…DOPE!!


  • Enjoyer of Music

    “Drake gonna have the godly no name subliminal about legends getting upset over interviews on a random remix in July” -lmao

  • DIesel

    Yo Shake can we get this version with Drizzy’s part added on?

    • biff tannen

      Dear god no!

  • MusicHead watch this & support tho.

  • listenlovelife

    This is just fire both emcees went in…if drake wants to be solidified as one of the greatest he has to respond his legacy is at stake.

  • Loïc Mirande
  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    Damn, the dude Jay Elec gave a brief history lesson through half this track and bodied this shit. Half the dudes listening to this would not understand what plane this man’s mind is on, and it is on a whole notha level.

  • Ben Piffy Jr

    Where was this Hov during the recording of Magna Carta? Dude put more effort into this freestyle and his Devil Is a Lie verse, than he did that whole album.

  • Pizza Steve

    This shit is insane…

  • Anyone else hear how off beat Jay Z was? $10 he did this in 1 take and left to take a business meeting…