CharlieRED’s “GreenGREED” Featured in New ‘Watch Dogs’ Commercial

blame it on Shake March 27, 2014

I’m far from an avid gamer, but I do enjoy a few titles on occasion when I’m not trying to figure out is blackout bingo legit. After seeing an early trailer for Watch Dogs, I immediately pre-ordered a PS4 and was ready and waiting. Fast forward closer to launch date and Watch Dogs gets delayed and my order is replaced with the latest incarnation of Call of Duty. Suffice to say, I was left disappointed. Anyways, a May 27 release date has been set and the hype is back on. Making things even more enjoyable, Ubisoft went a step further and decided to feature one of my favorite groups at the moment CharlieRED on one of their latest commercials. Take a look below as “GreenGREED” is played while we get an in-game look at the Chicago playground.