Check Out Koncept & J57’s Feature On Mass Appeal

blame it on JES7 March 29, 2014

Let me get something off my chest real quick: I’m proud to call these dudes my brothers and confidants. In an industry filled with fakin-jax types, and overall shadiness in general, these dudes are some of the realest and most humble guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of building with. Now with that PSA out of the way, check out Koncept & J57’s recent spotlight on Mass Appeal.

Everything you may have ever wanted to know about the Red Bull music duo are revealed here. From how Yimmy (J57) got his name, how they started out in music, working with Red Bull, to advice they have to those attempting to break down their own doors are revealed in this interview.

MA: J57, how did you come up with your name?

J57: I used to go by J Logic, and I tried to stylize it with the number one for the letter “I” and all this stuff, but I just didn’t love it. I had the name for like 10 years, I came up with it when I was really young, so I was like, ‘Let me just change this up,’ because I kind of had this really weird style, so I figured something weird would work. And, Audible Doctor from our group Brown Bag Allstars, he was like, “Yo, your name’s James and your last name’s Heinz?” He was like, “Yo, J57.” And, I was like, ‘Why?’ He was like, “57 varieties.” And, I was like, ‘Done.’

Be sure to peep the visuals for Koncept, Numonics and J57’s “Wings.” Cause, you know, Red Bull gives you wings. And also the jitters. The Fuel EP coming soon!

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