Phantogram Talk ‘Voices’ LP & ‘Big Grams’ EP w/ Big Boi

blame it on JES7 March 29, 2014

In a recent interview with Idolator, Phantogram talk about their new album, Voices (which debuted on the charts at #11), who decides on vocal duty performances, Josh’s production, as well as their relationship with Big Boi and the highly anticipated Big Grams EP which will (hopefully) be out soon.

Below is some footage of Phantogram performing at the 2014 Buku Music + Art Project which went down March 21st and 22nd in New Orleans.

Idolator: So compare that to your time collaborating with Big Boi. Was it a drastic shift?

SB: It was a trip, a shock at first, because we were just doing our thing and touring, writing, and all of a sudden we find out one of our favorite artists on the planet is loving our music. It’s a crazy feeling, something that, where we were at, never thought it would happen. But when it did, it gave us reassurance that we were doing something unique and fresh. We look up to Outkast for many reasons, but mostly because they were innovative and fresh and making interesting music. And we kind of used that once we started Phantogram, so when one of the members comes to you and reassures you, it’s pretty rad!

Idolator: Would you ever have a rap feature on one of your own tracks?

Both: No.

SB: I think Josh and I mean to keep it separate. Unless it’s like a remix or mixtape or something where we’re fully collaborating with the artist. When it comes to Phantogram, we have a strong vision that we want to maintain. But we love working with Big, and we’re gonna put out a collaborative EP with him sometime soon… Everyone’s pretty busy — he’s doing his Outkast stuff, we’re doing our thing. But hopefully it’ll come out soon.

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