YG Gets Tattood By Mister Cartoon

blame it on Meka April 14, 2014

A bit of a backstory on this one: the original plan was to have YG find a fan (fanatic?) who was willing to receive a free tattoo by world-renowned artist Mr. Cartoon of the words “My Krazy Life” (I even asked my friend if he was down, and he would’ve done it if he didn’t have a conscience). It ultimately didn’t come to fruition, so instead YG got an original piece by Cartoon instead.

Anyways, the NMC’s Mikey Fresh sat down with the Compton emcee to talk his city, his music and his former life among other things. A couple of choice quotes:

VIBE: There’s a lot going on in hip-hop right now. But one thing is for sure, the fight to be the new King of L.A. has some new contenders.
YG: For me, it’s just about putting on for the culture and talking about what’s really going on in the hood. I want to show people that you can make it out of any situation you’re dealt with. It’s about giving your homies opportunities. And, that’s what I get to do now. I’m giving my people opportunities. It’s cool when you talk about who is “king” or whatever, but the fans will tell you that. It ain’t up to the rappers.

I have to ask you about the last song on your album, “Dear Momma.” How real is that?
It’s 100% true. We had all the records done and for the intro, I based it on my momma before I got the rap deal. So for the outro, I knew I wanted to apologize for the bad things I did when I was younger. I just felt like she was right about everything the whole time and I wasn’t listening. I felt like it was time for one of those records. Me and moms is real close now, so I wanted to do my version of like Tupac’s “Dear Momma.” Even if you ain’t in the streets, you can relate to that record. I love you, momma.

You can read the entire piece right now.