Week Two of Outkast’s Coachella Performance Sees Improvement

blame it on JES7 April 19, 2014

While many fans and concert goers alike griped about Outkast’s reunion during week one of Coachella, calling it uninspiring, vapid and a host of other synonyms for lackluster, week two apparently saw some refinement in their performance.

Week one’s stage production seemed to be plagued with a variety of issues, including Andre continuously asking to have his monitors turned up, in addition to heavy awkwardness, “cold banter” with the audience and a lack of crowd participation.

While I was not in attendance at Coachella and cannot confirm, the good folks over at P&P seem to agree that the second leg of their Coachella appearance definitely saw some improvement; some much needed cohesion between the two living legends. While there were no Future or Janelle Monae appearances, there was a performance of “Crumblin’ Erb,” a true Outkast classic.

Keep checking back with us as more footage starts to seep in. For now, here’s a clip of Outkast performing “The Way You Move” and “Hey Ya” below. I wonder if those trolls who wondered who Outkast was finally got their answer?