SeDrew Price – Dope Daddy (Video)

blame it on Shake April 23, 2014

Las Vegas’ own SeDrew Price adds some 2dope flavor to Lil Durk’s “Dis Aint What You Want” for the first leak off his upcoming Dopamine project. Check out the official video up top and/or check the track itself below.

Head nigga in charge-
like throwback LaDanian,
fans blue like San Diego went on the road/

They fiend coca-ine,
demand da man-
feel like a maniac,
Tazmanian on the stove/

Make a dame dash for the roc a fella control,
make a nigga bolt like Usain in 2-double-O
meters, just to meet us-
I eat up other dealers,
and keep a towel to my mouth like Tarkanian used to hold/

Cash on my cranium,
bucks bully my brain and
money on my mind-
’05 Wayne to them with the flow/

chefin’ A1 premium-
people think it’s a game and then,
I bang ’em like Bane in a stadium wit the blow/

Can’t feel ya face, numb like its plastic/
cabbage patch kid/
pockets like cabbage patch, kid/

savage/ never backin/
down like Shaq at da basket/

coal(cold) (w)rappin/
like Santa wit the bad list/

Niggas could never “C” me like what the fuck is average/

…major schemes/
move a powder package\\

and make up cream/
like Maybelline/

seein green, runnin numbers like the matrix screen/

this Sin City aka Satan’s scene-

dreamed of bein Bob Marley/

but hard streets/ scarred me/
heart beat/ hardly,
dark as Gotham, skin on Marcus Garvey/

I’ont trust nobody/
I ain’t kiddin’- no offspring,
I’ll catch a body/

leave holes in clothes,
like spots where moths eat/

I’m non-violent, wylin’- ready to party/
money long, green mile- john coffee/

Stirring The Pot, got plenty Jenny McCarthy
that’s white girl on deck- Lennon, McCartney/

melt face off of ya head like crypt keeper/
serve dirt ceilin’s, I’m sellin’ that grim reaper/ like-


SeDrew Back/
Tu-Pac/ of the new jacks/
crown on me like a roof rack/
like a tooth cap/ purple booze sack/


3 words heard since birth…
“yo’ cool’ ass”/

off the wall, like a pool lap/

rap makin’ sure my rule last-

drug dealers near, so just trill in here- ya’ll makin’ sure my rule last/

fakes appear to be real, be clear- they look G, but sing- JaRule ass/

true, fact/

2 snaps/

goons clap/

shoot straps/

(at) dudes that/

choose to act/

brand new-trya-bullet (NutriBullet)-
no juice snack/

had to tighten up my circle like a noose wrapped/

cuz people want work, we aint hirin’ them tho/
others got it, but I get u higher than them tho/
and they tax, my tag higher than them? No/

this that puro, illegal, lethal,
I’ma heroin hero,
coke captain/

pill prophet,

ghanja god,

aka the muthafukn DopeDaddy

I’m the DopeDaddy