Jay Electronica Promises New Album Is Coming This Year

blame it on JES7 April 27, 2014

This past weekend, Jay Elec switched things up a bit on the social media tip, moving to his official Youtube channel for discussion as well as internet favorite KTT.

Earlier, he sent out an ambiguous tweet (see below, which has since been deleted):


The internet being the internet, ran with it and many thought he was referring to his upcoming album Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn). Jay however, dismissed this and many agree that the July 12 date he’s referring to is the date of the 10th annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival where he will be joining Raekwon, Pro Era with Joey Bada$$ & CJ Fly.

When asked about the July 12 tweet on his Youtube channel, Jay responded:

No sir.. but i promise you its coming this year and I’m about to heat the game up and charge the particles so high…

Check out some of his Q&A on KTT below as well. Spotted at HNHH.

Can you clarify on what you mean by the world coming in/goin out? Are you referring to past and future generations?
+ world systems. Take for instance, this entire current world system is collapsing at the very core. the banking systems, governmental systems, ecological systems etc.. This present world system is only a little over 6,000 years old with the last few hundred years being the apex. Now its on its way out.

What is your favorite verse that you ever released

+ better in tune. is my favourite verse to date. That and the one i spit on Mac Miller’s album. But that one is for selfish reasons.

Favorite outkast album?

+ Aquemini

What do you think of Yeezus?

+ i loved it, but the media crucified him and slandered him because of the content and his outspokenness on many things. Then the sheeple started saying it was wack like a mantra after a few so-called tastemakers said it. the end.

Is the tracklist different to this now?

+ slightly but only by a few centimetres and a few new records.