Danny Brown Talks Lean’s Damaging Effects

blame it on Meka April 30, 2014

It’s common knowledge that quite a bit of rappers (and, as a result of it, their fanbase) suck down lean, syrup, sizzup, or whatever it decided to go by on any given day, yet not too many people are aware (or probably care for that matter) about the damaging effects of the stuff, with notable people such as Pimp C and DJ Screw actually dying from it. Sitting down with Tim Westwood, Danny – he himself a former purveyor of the drink – spoke on how it actually started messing with him (he started getting a “Gucci Mane belly”), as well as what he went through while getting off the stuff.

He also talked about his song “25 Bucks” with Purity Ring, style, and more. You can check that out below.