Big Boi Reunites With L.A. Reid, Signs With Epic Records

blame it on JES7 May 10, 2014

While in New York at Grey Goose’s Le Melon flavor launch last night, Big Boi disclosed some new details about his current situation to Paul Cantor/Huffington Post.

I just signed a deal with Epic Records. So I’m back with L.A. Reid and Sylvia Rhone. Got a brand new situation. I signed the deal the day after the first Coachella date, that Saturday. That’s my mentor. He understands my music. And one thing about L.A. Reid, there are no creative restraints. He trusts my ear and let’s me make the music I want to make. We love being in business together. That’s my big brother.

So yes, Sir Luscious is back with the man who successfully launched the careers of Outkast, TLC, Toni Braxton and a host of others (via the LaFace Records days). On his new solo album:

The album I’m not gonna rush. I wanted to put something out before the end of the year. It depends, because me and Dre got a lot of work to do from now until the end of October. [But] you’re definitely going to get some brand new Big Boi material. Two or three singles before the fall.

Seems like all the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall back into place. Well, most of them anyways.