A Night With OutKast At Governors Ball

blame it on Meka June 10, 2014
11-Outkast-Govball 2014

As we all know OutKast took the stage this past weekend in Manhattan’s Randall’s Island, and with predominantly glowing reviews they’ve received it’s simple to say that Andre 3000 and Big Boi have finally adjusted to performing on stage together after being apart for over a decade. With word that Andre is working on a new solo album, I really wish that my foot wasn’t so wrecked (which prevented me from doing something as simple as walking) that I could not attend. Fortunately, our resident photographer was on hand to witness the performance, and you can check out some intimate pictures of the entire thing below.

1-Outkast-Govball 2014 2-Outkast-Govball 2014 3-Outkast-Govball 2014 4-Outkast-Govball 2014 5-Outkast-Govball 2014 6-Outkast-Govball 2014 7-Outkast-Govball 2014 8-Outkast-Govball 2014 9-Outkast-Govball 2014 10-Outkast-Govball 2014

12-Outkast-Govball 2014
All photos courtesy of Madi Dangerously