!llmind Remixes 2pac’s “Life Goes On”

blame it on Shake June 16, 2014

To help celebrate the birth, death and musical resurrection of the late Tupac Shakur, contemporary art phenom Naturel has created four limited-edition canvas prints that blend up the lives of ‘Pac and Basquiat. Enter: Tupacsquiat.

“When I started this project a few weeks ago, I thought the whole Tupac and Basquait idea would be a cool little mash up, but then I started to realize that these two had very similar lives and careers. I realized that both Tupac and Basquait were very crude in their craft. Tupac wasn’t necessarily the best lyricist, he didn’t construct the best songs, but they were straight to the point. The crudeness, honesty and the instinct within those songs struck a chord. It was the same thing with Basquait, he wasn’t the most painterly of painters, but he was so instinctual that it embodied what it was to be an artist. Straight from the gut, straight from the heart.” – Naturel

Giving the project even more life, !llmind has decided to at his #BoomTrap stylings to one of Pac’s classics, “Life Goes On.”