2DBZ x Soundset: Psymun Interview

blame it on Paul Thompson June 24, 2014

Photo: Craig McManus.

A few weeks ago, Rhymesayers Entertainment held their seventh annual Soundset Festival in Shakopee, MPLS. Selling out with 30,000 people in attendance, this year’s event was easily the most-successful to date. Just as we do every 365, the DopeHouse made the trek across the country to take in the festivities and once again left completely satisfied. We also took the time and spoke with a few artists and will be sharing those quick conversations with you. We kicked things off with Mike the Martyr, and now it’s time for Psymun.

In the past year, Psymun hasn’t just established himself among Minneapolis’ producer elite—he’s separated himself from the pack. After a slew of singles and remixes (and the excellent heartsick EP), his collaboration with K.Raydio, LucidDreamingSkylines, made serious waves. The producer and the songstress teamed up for a slow-burning set at the Fifth Element stage, running through their catalog with a quiet precision that earned the crowd’s attention. It was something of a victory lap for Psymun, who moves to Brooklyn in the middle of the next month. Along with his dense, slippery instrumentals, the native Minnesotan has a penchant for finding talented vocalists. He has a few things in the works; all are too sensitive to discuss in public like this. Pink Label should hold you over for now.

As a producer, how long does it take to sort out a live performance?

It varies—something like this, it took probably an hour, whereas something like a solo set would take a lot longer. I never like to do the same set twice, for a solo thing. I mean, me and K. Raydio don’t really do the same set, either, but we only have a small amount of songs to pick from. So it’s easy to switch it up.

You’re moving to Brooklyn next month. How come?

Um..I don’t know. It’s actually not a very good idea on my part. I don’t have much money. I was just there, and I dug it, and my friend who’s there was like, “Hey, I need a roommate”. I thought I might as well do it, I’m not doing anything else. Just go and make music there like I’m doing here. Might as well have some sort of change of scenery.

What are the goals for the upcoming year, both creatively and commercially?

Creatively… that’s something I don’t really think about. I just keep making music. I notice myself getting better or more creative, so I’d say that’s the plan. Commercially… I guess I don’t think about that either. I’d like to collab with certain people, like King Krule, Mac Demarco. That’s about it. I don’t have any rappers in mind.

Why should people listen to Pink Label?

You shouldn’t listen to it.

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