Rick Ross Addresses Cancelled Detroit Show

blame it on Shake June 24, 2014

Rick Ross was supposed to headline Hot 107.5’s Summer Jamz concert this past Saturday night in Detroit, but ended up canceling last minute. Word on the internet (I know, I know) is that it was Trick Trick and a bunch of “goons” who were denying him access.

Sitting down with Detroit’s 99 Jamz, Ross denies seeing anyone personally and blamed the cancelled show on a locked gate. Proclaiming “you don’t lock the lions out, you lock the lions in.” Or something.

After the situation was over and Ross was sitting comfortably in a nearby casino, Power’s program director Jay Hicks broke the news to the sold-out crowd. A video was posted on the channel’s Facebook page but has since been taken down, but in the clip Jay is seen saying

It took me nine months to put this show together. I do this for y’all; I was at work negotiating contracts, putting (expletive) together.

I’m going to be real with y’all; I’m going to be real as (expletive). We had Rick Ross right outside here tonight at about eleven o’clock. As he was pulling in to come into Chene Park, he was met by 100 individuals outside. By 100 individuals outside!

We will try to pull every resource together and ask Ross to come back. He is in fear of his life. I’m just being real; real talk. This is some real (expletive). He was in fear of his life and he is not performing here tonight.

And he may never come back to Detroit, and that’s no (expletive).

And there’s your two sides to the story. Now let’s continue with the Tuesday…