NBA Doing Good: Drafting Isaiah Austin

blame it on Shake June 26, 2014

Adam Silver is doing the most with his first year as NBA commissioner and the season hasn’t even begun yet. Following his swift action on the Donald Sterling f*ckery, Silver and the NBA overdid themselves this evening at the 2014 NBA Draft.

Kansas’ Andrew Wiggins and Duke’s Jabari Parker may have commanded the headlines, but it was the moment before the Bulls’ 16th pick that should leave the longest impression.

Standing at the podium, Adam Silver announced that Isaiah Austin-the 7’1 Baylor center who was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome and was forced to end his career before it started-was selected by the league. Complete with the roll call, stage walk and post-interview. Austin was given his moment.

“Like the other young men here to night, Isaiah committed himself to endless hard work and dedication to a potential career as a professional basketball player. And we wanted to make sure he fulfilled at least this part of his dream.”

Classy move Mr. Silver. Classy move.