Compl3xx – Phoenix (Album)

blame it on Shake July 3, 2014

Hailing from Florida with some time in Chattanooga, TN (what up Isaiah!?) comes Compl3xx, an emcee that popped up in my inbox with the release of his new album, Phoenix.

“This entire project as a whole, with it’s visual and literary components that accompany the music, is meant to play out more like a film. This final song is meant to be taken as a final monologue over the credits. It’s a reflection on the methods of sharing content that nearly every young person takes part in today. The constant updating of social networks to create a continuously evolving and yet always perfect picture of their life. With this project, instead of painting a perfect picture I wanted to remain honest and show all of the imperfections. My fake shoes, my tendency to hide insecurity behind fashion, my skeptical views on social constructs and my failures in romance. These things make up my movie. Give me a fucking Oscar.” – Compl3xx

I could write up a review myself, but I think it’s better to just listen. Press play on the album and accompanying short film below; then proceed to for a personal break down of each track and a slew of bonus material.

Directed by Michael Lolli.