Watch the Entire PPV of Eminem’s Total Slaughter

blame it on Illy July 12, 2014

Re-watch Eminem’s Total Slaughter PPV featuring: Big T vs. Arsonal, Daylyt vs. T-Rex, Loaded Lux vs. Murda Mook, and the main event, Hollow Da Don vs. Joe Budden.

UPDATE: For those not wanting to sift through the entire three hour-long video, which was apparently marred by connection issues (if you watched it legally, you may have qualified for a refund) and delays (because, rappers), a brief breakdown:

* Murda Mook defeated Loaded Lux, and didn’t have to sucker-punch anybody in the process
* Arsonal, in the other undercard, defeated Big-T
* Daylyt decided that dressing up like Al Simmons would be pretty cool
* Joe Budden, at one point, refused to rap after being booed continuously, ultimately losing to Hollow Da Don

With that being said, would you tune in – or even care for – a part two (which has been In-Demand has already mentioned doing)?

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