Mac Miller’s Recorded With Your Old Droog

blame it on JES7 July 20, 2014

Sitting down with MTV’s Rob Markman during a game of Connect 4 (which seemed a lot more fair than Jonah Hill vs. Kanye’s game), Mac Miller randomly stated “You know who I f*ck with is that, uh, Your Old Droog. Droog is tight. Did you hear the sh*t I did with him?”

Many heads swear that Your Old Droog is Nas, and even Reddit went as far as to break down the similarities in delivery, cadence, flow, subject matter, etc. Some went as far as speeding up the vocals to one of his songs. And I won’t sit here and front, I was one of those heads who swore it was Nas.

But the fact of the matter is he’s not. While I never actually met the dude, I know of more than a few heads who have credibility who’ve met Your Old Droog; even recorded material with them – and it’s not Nas. Regardless, it’s a great marketing gimmick to run with for a new, up-and-coming artist.

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