milo – you are go(o)d to me

blame it on Paul Thompson August 8, 2014

milo is lulling you into a false sense of security—and taking you with him. His debut album, a toothpaste suburb is thoroughly restless, the unending search for meaning in supermarket aisles. In just over forty-five minutes, the Midwesterner teases out his insecurities and hustles to get his new apartment in order.

But the first single, “you are go(o)d to me”, is a peaceful detour. Over Tastenothing’s delicate synths, milo recalls being “out of place like: transitional lenses, comma splices/in a suspended sentence”, yearns to be objectified, and proves again that breaking form doesn’t compromise his effectiveness. For as much of suburb as milo spends mining for answers, “you are go(o)d to me” finds him mumbling like Lil Wayne and minding his cheekbones, comfortable in the warm light of his human connections. a toothpaste suburb is out September 23rd on Hellfyre Club. The album features KOOL AD, Anderson .Paak, WC Tank, Busdriver, and Open Mike Eagle.