Rittz Is More Than Just A “White Rapper”

blame it on Shake August 19, 2014

With his new album Next To Nothing due out September 9th via Strange Music, Rittz lets off another preview in “White Rapper.” A track that finds the bearded one reflecting on caucasians in hip hop as well as his personal struggles to be more than just a “white rapper” to his peers.

Also, if you’re interested, Rittz breaks down the song and it’s entire meaning with DJ Booth.

You mention Lord Jamar’s comments about white rappers being “guests.” Describe the balance you try to strike between breaking down barriers to entry, while paying respect to the creators of the culture.

That’s the overall topic of ‘White Rapper’. The whole song I pay respect and show how I got to this point. What bothers me is that, I didn’t rap just to rap. I really take pride in being a good rapper. The people who founded the music, the legends in the game – the Lord Jamars – what they made I’ve practiced for years and years to be good at, and I take pride at being good at.

Still at the end of they day, no matter how much I practice or the respect I pay, I’m still just a white rapper. I think that’s what the song is about. I pay respect, but at the same time, I deserve a little respect myself.

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