FunLyfe – Don’t Play

blame it on Shake August 20, 2014

Meet the Venture Squad aka FunLyfe (Fun Universal Nature Living Young For Ever), a collective of like-minded individuals hailing from Newark, NJ (Brick City!) that simply don’t care of anything except having fun on a daily basis.

To explain further, members RollingStone P, Bobo and Aljuwon state the following:

Lead member RollingStone P explains “In a city dominated by drugs, gangs, and gun violence, tough skin usually isn’t enough to keep young men and women from falling victim to the everyday pitfalls of the inner city. However for Funlyfe members, this culture represents the other side of what our city offers. No one is too cool to have fun is our motto!” The culture is what drives the music you hear from FunLyfe members. “Our approach to music is always to have fun. As long as we are having fun that is all that matters” says FunLyfe member Bobo.

It is evident that music is not the only thing that consumes FunLyfe. FunLyfe is truly a lifestyle. It consists the nightlife scene, FunLyfe clothing line, skaters, DJ’s, artists, etc. FunLyfe member Aljuwon explains “Our Funlyfe members consist of anyone who chooses to have fun and not limited to just music. In the end, having fun is a choice. Glory to God!”

As far as their formal musical introduction, lead member RollingStone P is joined by Aljuwon on “Don’t Play.”

BONUS: “No Flex Zone” remix by RollingStone P, Bobo, Aljuwon and DJ Big O.