Joe Budden Reportedly Wanted By NYPD

blame it on JES7 August 23, 2014

So, it seems as Joe Budden has gone and gotten himself in a bit of trouble again. Earlier this morning, NYPD tweeted the following:

Earlier in the week, rumors started to surface that Budden allegedly beat one of his ex girlfriends outside of a nightclub. According to Page Six, “There was an argument over pictures she was posting online with other guys” in which he did not take kindly to.

After the incident Budden tweeted: “Cops searched my house today cuz shorty told them I had guns here.. He said “wanna tell me why u have a bullet proof vest?”.. Lmao/smh.”

He then allegedly stole the woman’s cell phone “before twisting her arm and shoving her into his car,” cops said.

After NYPD’s “manhunt” tweet, Joey actively took to Twitter, declaring his innocence, even going as far as stating that he’s going to sue the NYPD, and even taunting the police.

Whether he actually committed the alleged crime or if this is all an attention-seeking ruse from the female is yet to be seen.

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